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Anyone can file a complaint against anyone else to Child Protective Services, hereinafter referred to as "CPS" or the Administration of Children's Services hereinafter referred to as "ACS". This includes neighbors, teachers, former lovers and … [Read more...]

Video : Removal of Children from the Home By ACS CPS due to Domestic Violence

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Video : Smoking Marijuana and CPS ACS Investigations

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Video : What to do when ACS CPS shows at your door

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What Happens When a Report Is Made to CPS or ACS?

When a report is made either CPS or ACS is required to initiate an investigation. They must take this action within 24 hours of the report being made. The purpose of the investigation by CPS or ACS is to evaluate whether a child is being mistreated … [Read more...]

Video : How to defend against a case brought by ACS CPS

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Video : Domestic Violence Situations

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Video : CPS Investigation and Attorneys

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What is Child Abuse and Child Maltreatment?

Child Abuse Child abuse encompasses serious harm committed against children or a child who is abused by a parent or other legally responsible individual when they inflict upon the child serious physical injury. Other examples of child abuse are … [Read more...]

The CPS or ACS Case

One evening your are sitting at home with your family and there is a knock on your door. It could be in the middle of the night. On the other side of the door is a CPS or ACS worker. They may be accompanied by a police officer. They want to come in … [Read more...]

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