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CPS Problems

Sometimes even the most attentive, dedicated, loving parents find themselves in a difficult situation, that creates problems with the presumption that the parents have done something wrong. The CPS investigator's job is not to find out whether the … [Read more...]

What Happens When CPS Sees a Complaint

When CPS receives a complaint, which can be anonymous, they must determine if an investigation is needed. Individuals who call in complaints for child abuse or child neglect to CPS do not have to provide any proof or documentation for allegations. If … [Read more...]

Child Protective Services (“CPS”)

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What Does ACS and CPS Consider Neglect or Chid Abuse?

Children can be considered neglected or abused in the State of New York if a child is injured or a child is put into a position where he or she is likely to potentially be injured or harmed. Individuals who are responsible for the health and the … [Read more...]

Video: What CPS and ACS are supposed to do and the realities as to what they actually do?

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Video : Difference between CPS and ACS investigations vs criminal investigations

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Video : Domestic violence situations

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Video : What happens when a report is made to either CPS or ACS

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Domestic Violence and Child Neglect

Children are not supposed to be exposed to domestic violence situations. Even if one parent is the victim of domestic violence an ACS or CPS investigation of a domestic violence incident may cause the children to be removed from that household. To be … [Read more...]

Video : Prosecution of mothers & fathers by CPS/ACS

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