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What Does ACS and CPS Consider Neglect or Chid Abuse?

Children can be considered neglected or abused in the State of New York if a child is injured or a child is put into a position where he or she is likely to potentially be injured or harmed. Individuals who are responsible for the health and the … [Read more...]

Being Investigated by ACS or CPS

ACS stands for the Administration of Children's Services which investigates child abuse and child maltreatment clients within the five boroughs of the City of New York, CPS stands for Child Protective Services which investigates issues involving … [Read more...]

Video : Rehabilitation To Get Off The Child Abuse Registry

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Video : Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Child Neglect

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Video : Indicated for Child Abuse or Child Neglect

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Video : Fair Hearings Regarding Individuals…or Child Abuse or Child Neglect

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What is Child Abuse and Child Maltreatment?

Child Abuse Child abuse encompasses serious harm committed against children or a child who is abused by a parent or other legally responsible individual when they inflict upon the child serious physical injury. Other examples of child abuse are … [Read more...]

Fair Hearings Regarding Individuals Who Have Been Indicated For Child Abuse or Child Neglect

Fair hearings are take place before an Administrative Law Judge. Child Protective Services “CPS” or Administration for Children’s Services “ACS” is represented by an Assistant County Attorney or Assistant Corporation Counsel in all of these … [Read more...]

Who Reports Families to ACS and CPS?

Friends, family members, neighbors or individuals who have axes to grind against you can report you to ACS or CPS for child abuse and/or child neglect. Mandatory Reporter Of Child Abuse and Child Neglect There are individuals who are considered … [Read more...]

What are the Administration for Children Services and Child Protective Services (ACS & CPS)

ACS and CPS are governmental run agencies. They are charged with investigating reports involving allegations of child neglect and child abuse. The investigators for ACS and CPS are assigned cases where reports of abuse or neglect have been made. When … [Read more...]

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