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CPS And ACS’s Job

Child Protective Services, “(CPS”) and Associations for Child Services (“ACS”) are governmental agencies charged with investigating child abuse, child neglect and misconduct involving children. With regard to cases involving child abuse or child … [Read more...]

The Knock On Your Door By A CPS or ACS Investigator

When a CPS or ACS investigator comes to your door don't let them in! Some of the people who will read this article may find the above-referenced comment hard to understand. The standard things CPS and ACS workers like to do is come into your house … [Read more...]

CPS and ACS Investigation

Child Protective Services ("CPS") or the Association for Child Services ("ACS") is not on your side. CPS and ACS Investigator's jobs involve protecting children from their family members. They'll come to your house in the evening. They'll knock on … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Halloween!

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ACS Fails To Prove Mother Neglected Her Children

In a case before Judge Jacqueline Deane in King's Family Court a fact finding hearing took place regarding child neglect allegations brought against a Mother. ACS alleged in their petition the Mother had failed to provide adequate supervision or … [Read more...]

CPS and ACS – What Do They Do?

Child Protective Services (“CPS”) and Administration for Children Services (“ACS”) are child protection agencies. Reports of child abuse and/or child neglect are reported to these agencies. ACS operates within the five boroughs of the City of New … [Read more...]

Video : Who Files Complaints with CPS and ACS

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Video : What CPS and ACS Workers Are Supposed To Do

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Families are intimidated by the ACS and CPS caseworkers, their threats, the threats to call the police or the police showing up. This explains why in only .2% of all CPS or ACS cases in the United States does CPS and ACS go to court and actually get … [Read more...]

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