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What CPS and ACS Workers Are Supposed To Do

When CPS or ACS receives notification of allegations of either child abuse or child neglect they are supposed to take the following actions: Draft an investigation report. They can obtain information from collateral sources. Provide a child … [Read more...]

The Standards in Family Court Regarding Evidence Presentation By CPS and ACS

The standard of evidence in the Family Court in cases brought by CPS and ACS against parents is called the “preponderance of the evidence” standard. This means the majority of the evidence is the basis for a Judge to make a fact finding decision. … [Read more...]

How CPS and ACS Deal With Injured Children

Your child may have fallen off the monkey bars at the playground. You brought your child to a doctor or a hospital and the doctor or hospital personnel may feel your child was not properly being supervised when the injury took place. Thereafter they … [Read more...]

Fighting CPS and ACS

When the allegations of child abuse or child neglect are made to CPS or ACS and investigation ensues. The reports are deemed credible by the investigator. These reports can be based on misinterpretations of stories related by children to teachers, … [Read more...]

Handling CPS and ACS Cases

It is an extremely depressing and disorienting experience for family members when a CPS or ACS investigator knocks on their door based on an alleged complaint. The best way to deal with CPS or ACS investigations is to take quick action to ensure all … [Read more...]

What a CPS or ACS Attorney Should Do for You?

When you consult with the attorney, they should obtain all of the records and relevant information regarding the case. The attorney should demand a copy of all records maintained by ACS and CPS. Indicated for Child Abuse or Child Neglect If you … [Read more...]

Constitutional Rights in ACS and CPS Cases

The United States Constitution as well as the New York Constitution allows those who are accused of crimes or under investigation for crimes to be represented by an attorney. If you were being questioned by a law enforcement official or an ACS or CPS … [Read more...]

What to Do If You Are Investigated by CPS or ACS

The first thing you should do is stay calm, be careful and do not help the investigator build a case against you. Ask the investigator why they are investigating you. Ask them what the allegations are against you. Take the name, phone number and … [Read more...]

What CPS and ACS Investigators Do

When the CPS or ACS complaint is made through their complaint hotline the investigator will seek to meet with your children. If they don't see your children or meet with your children at your house, they will try to meet with your children at their … [Read more...]

Abusive Power by CPS and ACS

There are many good people working for CPS (Child Protective Services) and ACS (Administration for Children's Services) which acts as a CPS agency in the City of New York. However, there have been many reports of abusive, overly aggressive, … [Read more...]

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