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VIDEO: What to Do If A CPS Investigator Shows Up At Your Door

Elliot Schlissel discusses what you should do if a CPS investigator shows up at your door. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: ACS Unable to Show Child Endangered By Mothers Mental Illness

Elliot Schlissel discusses a New York ACS case in which ACS was unable to show that a child was endengered by it's mothers mental illness. … [Read more...]

Video Blog: ACS Unable to Show Child Was Engendered by Mothers Mental Illness

[Read more...]

FAQs Part I

Can a CPS worker refuse to tell me why they are investigating you? No! CPS workers are required when they first contact you to advise you of the allegations that are against you. The allegations should be specific. They should not be general … [Read more...]

ACS Unable to Show Child Endangered by Mother’s Mental Illness

The Administration of Children’s Services (hereinafter referred to as “ACS”) brought a petition under Article 10 of the Family Court Act. The petition alleged the mother was mentally ill. ACS claimed this impaired her ability to take care of her … [Read more...]

What to Do if Child Protective Service (CPS) Contacts You

To start with ask the investigator why they are investigating you. The investigators job is to investigate and find instances of child abuse. In a court of law you are innocent until proven guilty. With CPS you are guilty until proven innocent! … [Read more...]


The number of cases of suspected child abuse in the State of New York has been increasing in recent years. The unions representing child protective service workers (“CPS WORKERS”) in Nassau and Suffolk Counties has been asking Governor Andrew M. … [Read more...]

Teen Allowed to Be Present at Permanency Hearing

Judge Katz sitting in a Family Court part of Westchester county recently allowed a 16 year old girl with “multiple complex needs” who has spent an extended period of time in foster care, to be present in a meeting where decisions were to be made … [Read more...]

Maternal Aunt Granted Custody of Child

In a case before judge Lilian Wan sitting in the Family Court of Kings County the Administration for Child Services (ACS) brought a proceeding under article 10 of the Family Court Act alleging a mother had neglected her new born child in addition to … [Read more...]

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