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Child Abuse and/or Child Neglect Reports

Child Abuse and/or Child Neglect ReportsIndividuals filing a report regarding child abuse or child neglect do not have to worry as to their name being disclosed to the individuals who are accused of the child abuse or child neglect. This is because all information as to who reports child abuse or child neglect allegations is maintained confidentially and the individuals name is never asked for by the reporting agency. After a report of child abuse or child neglect is made the CPS or ACS agency decides whether the matter shall be investigated. Sometimes they immediately turn the report over to the police and the police handle the investigation.

Screen Out Reports

If a report is “screened out” it means no action is going to be taken. Reports are usually screened out when there is insufficient information to be the basis of an investigation, or they feel the report is inaccurate or false. The report also may not meet their definitions of child abuse or child neglect. Reports that are screened in indicate that an investigation is going forward.

The CPS or ACS Investigation

If the report is screened in, an investigator will be assigned. The investigator will usually show up at your house and advise you that you are being investigated. If this happens to you ask the investigator his or her name, contact information and the alleged allegations against you. If the investigator refuses to tell you this information, do not cooperate with him or her. If they threaten you, tell them you will have your lawyer contact them. If they tell you you have no right to an attorney, they are lying!

schlissel-headshotIf you are the subject of a CPS or ACS investigation, or you have questions regarding an investigation, feel free to call us at 800-344-6431 or you can contact me by e-mail at Elliot@sdnylaw.com. My office, Schlissel DeCorpo LLC, has been involved in representing clients in CPS and ACS investigations for more than 45 years.

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