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What Does ACS and CPS Consider Neglect or Chid Abuse?

What Does ACS and CPS Consider Neglect or Chid Abuse?Children can be considered neglected or abused in the State of New York if a child is injured or a child is put into a position where he or she is likely to potentially be injured or harmed. Individuals who are responsible for the health and the welfare of children include parents, adults living in the home with the children, girlfriends, boyfriends, guardians and other adults or individuals that take care of the children. This can also include other family members. There are a variety of different types of abuse. The issue of child abuse can include physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and emotional mistreatment.

Child Neglect

Child neglect can involve the failure to provide adequate clothing, hygiene, attendance in school, supervision of the child, medical care, shelter, food and other conduct that can have a negative impact on the child. Neglect can also include corporal punishment, lack of supervision and the parent using alcohol or drugs when in or around a child.

Dealing With Neglect Or Abuse Allegations

If you were contacted by an ACS or CPS investigator regarding allegations of child abuse or child neglect before speaking to the investigator you should contact an ACS or CPS Attorney and review the situation with him or her. Be advised there is no such thing as Miranda Rights when dealing with an ACS or CPS investigator. Anything you say can be used against you. Nothing is off the record.

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