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CPS Attorneys Relieved of Their Positions

Investigator examining a document

Recently three (3) attorneys who for work for the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) have been removed from supervisory positions. This action was taken after they posted mocking messages of people they were supposed to be representing in Family Court in New York.

Offensive Comments

In an article in the New York Times it was reported these three (3) ACS supervisory attorneys had “posted photos taken in Family Court of their personal social media accounts.” Inappropriate and offensive comments were made concerning the individuals posted in these photos.

An ACS spokesperson, Aja Worthy-Davids, recently stated with regard to these incidents “we have served the staff involved in this matter with disciplinary charges, and removed them from supervisory roles as we continue to investigate.” “Our expectation is that employees shall show respect to the families we work with. When they disregard both our training and legal ethics it immediately triggers an investigation.”

ACS and CPS Investigations

Our office has had extensive experience in dealing with ACS and CPS investigators, social workers and staff attorneys. The reports made by CPS investigators often are inaccurate. These investigators are looking to find problems when they go to someone’s home to investigate a call in complaint. Even if the call in complaint is a prank complaint and completely inaccurate, the CPS and ACS investigators still try to find problems, whether those problems relate to the phone call or not.

The Best Way to Deal With ACS and CPS Investigators

The best way to deal with ACS and CPS investigators is to immediately retain counsel to deal with them. Making statements to them will often be misconstrued and inaccurately reported.


Attorney Elliot Schlissel

Should you be the subject of an ACS or CPS investigation be very careful. The investigator’s job is to look for and find problems. They are more likely to find a problem or allege a problem exists during their investigation than to come to the conclusion the call and/or the complaint was a fabrication or inaccurate.

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