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ACS Denied the Ability to Remove Child From A Domestic Violence Victim

Sad, desperate little boy during parents quarrel

ACS (Administration for Children’s Services) brought a petition in the Family County of Bronx County alleging a mother, K.B., had neglected her child, Emanuel. They claimed she failed to provide him with appropriate supervision and guardianship. They alleged she left him with a shelter roommate, advising the roommate she would return by 11:00 P.M. However, she did not return at that time.

K.B. had advised ACS after leaving the shelter she was raped and held hostage by an ex-lover. She went to the extent of providing the police report and hospital discharge documents to ACS, to document the truthfulness of her statements.

A Strong Bond Between Mother and Child

ACS continued to prosecute the case. Drug tests were taken. A mental health evaluator wrote a report claiming that K.B. exhibited lapses in judgment which impacted on the safety of her and her child. However, the report also showed there was a strong bond between K.B. and her son.

The Court’s Decision

The court took into consideration K.B.’s testimony that she had been a victim of a sexual assault. All of K.B.’s drug tests and alcohol tests came out negative.

Judge Gilbert Taylor, sitting in the Family Court of Bronx County, rendered a decision – that although K.B. had a serious lapse in judgment, he still ordered the return of the child to K.B.’s care. He held the removal of the child from K.B.’s custody was inappropriate.


Attorney Elliot Schlissel

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