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What to Do If You Are Investigated by CPS or ACS

The first thing you should do is stay calm, be careful and do not help the investigator build a case against you. Ask the investigator why they are investigating you. Ask them what the allegations are against you. Take the name, phone number and … [Read more...]

What CPS and ACS Investigators Do

When the CPS or ACS complaint is made through their complaint hotline the investigator will seek to meet with your children. If they don't see your children or meet with your children at your house, they will try to meet with your children at their … [Read more...]

Defense Against ACS Allegations of Child Abuse or Child Neglect

This is how a CPS or ACS case starts. You receive a knock on your door. There's an investigator from CPS or ACS at the other side of your door. They advise you someone has filed a complaint against either you or the children's other parent. The … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we are immensely grateful, that with all the changes in our world, we have friends and family with whom we can gather. Let us take time this year to live in gratitude for the bounty we experience all around us. … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

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ACS Doesn’t Prove Mother Failed To Properly Supervise Her Children

In a case before Judge Keith Brown, who sits in Bronx County, the Association for Children's Services (hereinafter known as "ACS") brought a petition which alleged the mother exercised improper supervision because she left her 2 years old twins home … [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year

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Video : Administration for Children’s Services ACS Unable to Show Parents Abused or Neglected Their Child

Elliot discusses a case in which Administration for Children’s Services ACS Unable to Show Parents Abused or Neglected Their Child. … [Read more...]

Abusive Power by CPS and ACS

There are many good people working for CPS (Child Protective Services) and ACS (Administration for Children's Services) which acts as a CPS agency in the City of New York. However, there have been many reports of abusive, overly aggressive, … [Read more...]

Parental Guide to handling child abuse or child neglect investigations

Do not argue with the investigator It may be a natural reaction to tell the investigator where to go. Don't do it. Be polite, courteous and strong. You may be correct in being angry. However, the investigator is just doing their job. Don't abuse … [Read more...]

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