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Who Reports Families to ACS and CPS?

Friends, family members, neighbors or individuals who have axes to grind against you can report you to ACS or CPS for child abuse and/or child neglect. Mandatory Reporter Of Child Abuse and Child Neglect There are individuals who are considered … [Read more...]

What are the Administration for Children Services and Child Protective Services (ACS & CPS)

ACS and CPS are governmental run agencies. They are charged with investigating reports involving allegations of child neglect and child abuse. The investigators for ACS and CPS are assigned cases where reports of abuse or neglect have been made. When … [Read more...]

What a CPS or ACS Attorney Should Do for You?

When you consult with the attorney, they should obtain all of the records and relevant information regarding the case. The attorney should demand a copy of all records maintained by ACS and CPS. Indicated for Child Abuse or Child Neglect If you … [Read more...]

Constitutional Rights in ACS and CPS Cases

The United States Constitution as well as the New York Constitution allows those who are accused of crimes or under investigation for crimes to be represented by an attorney. If you were being questioned by a law enforcement official or an ACS or CPS … [Read more...]

What to Do If You Are Investigated by CPS or ACS

The first thing you should do is stay calm, be careful and do not help the investigator build a case against you. Ask the investigator why they are investigating you. Ask them what the allegations are against you. Take the name, phone number and … [Read more...]

What CPS and ACS Investigators Do

When the CPS or ACS complaint is made through their complaint hotline the investigator will seek to meet with your children. If they don't see your children or meet with your children at your house, they will try to meet with your children at their … [Read more...]

Defense Against ACS Allegations of Child Abuse or Child Neglect

This is how a CPS or ACS case starts. You receive a knock on your door. There's an investigator from CPS or ACS at the other side of your door. They advise you someone has filed a complaint against either you or the children's other parent. The … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we are immensely grateful, that with all the changes in our world, we have friends and family with whom we can gather. Let us take time this year to live in gratitude for the bounty we experience all around us. … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

[Read more...]

ACS Doesn’t Prove Mother Failed To Properly Supervise Her Children

In a case before Judge Keith Brown, who sits in Bronx County, the Association for Children's Services (hereinafter known as "ACS") brought a petition which alleged the mother exercised improper supervision because she left her 2 years old twins home … [Read more...]

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